A Tribute to the Ones who Left…

Alisha Deo

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Sometimes, I find it so weird to look back and realize how people change over time. It’s strange, how in such a short journey, I have seen so many people leave, leave as if having or not having us in life made no difference to them. Some, didn’t even feel the need of giving an explanation!

I admit, Life is a journey. Many come and many go. But, what’s difficult is to dissociate from the moments that you shared together with those who entered your life, became a part of it and then, left…

It is not easy. It can never be easy but, many a times, life forces you to live without people around whom your life once revolved. As days turn into months and months into years, you still find yourself carrying memories of those sights, those conversations, pranks and experiences that you once shared. It is difficult to believe how the ones who were once a major part of your days are no longer a part of your present. They may be your friends, old roommates, neighbours or your love!

when people leave, let them go...
when people leave, let them go…

People do change, sometimes they move on or we move on and many a times, we simply grow! We grow detaching ourselves from people who were perhaps, never meant to be in our lives forever.  Whoever they may be, however close they had been but now, they are people trapped in mere pictures… pictures that you hide in your smart phones or laptops… that you will yourself hardly see!

This speaks a tale of an internal battle that we have all gone through at one point or the other in life. Haven’t you?? We struggle to hold them back for long and not let them go. But, as life goes on, so do we…

What’s important amidst this, is to realize that nothing is permanent in life. Neither the people nor the love, happiness and comfort that they bring. Not all relationships are meant to last. That doesn’t mean you have to forget the times you shared and lose all those things in some unknown abyss. Rather, you need to appreciate the times that you shared while they were in your life and appreciate the ones who form your present…

Cherish the time spent together
Cherish the time spent together…

Once you accept the reality of people and relationships, you will find your life full of appreciations. Appreciation for each relationship that you had been a part of, appreciation for the moments you shared, the memories you created and the lessons you learnt and appreciation for the moments you are still living and sharing… Since this is what lasts with us and shape us into the way we are!

So, enjoy what you have today, stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…

(This post, as the title says is a Tribute to some people who left my life and have contributed in shaping me the way I am… just to say, I’ll always cherish the good times we spent regardless of what led to separation later!)

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