International Yoga Day: Namaskar is actually ‘Yoga For All’

Alisha Deo

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On the occasion of the International Yoga Day on 21st June, the spiritual leader Sadhguru reveals the significance of Indian ‘Namaskar’.

Indians join hands in ‘Namaskar’ while greeting everyone. But, not many know the actual significance of this one gesture. Joining hands in ‘Namaskar’ brings in harmony all around. The spiritual leader Sadhguru says, “Namaskar is the Purest form of Yoga.”

According to the spiritual leader, Namaskar is not just a way of greeting people or a way to offer your prayers to god. It is in fact, a gesture that brings together two polarities in harmony. It is the simplest form of yoga that represents ‘union’. The act of putting your hands together, joining them in the gesture of ‘Namaskar’ is capable of bringing in peace and harmony within yourself as well as with the world around you.

Not everyone believes in performing different asanas regularly as a part of their daily schedule. Not even me. Yoga classes in school days were a burden to me. In the same way, yoga seems a hectic task to many. In such a scenario, Namaskar is something that we are all capable of doing.

‘Namaskar’ is actually ‘Yoga for All’…!

Keep putting your hands together to greet people, to pray and to experience yoga in its simplest form!

Stay tuned, keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine…:)

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