The Best TAKES Take Time by HRX

Alisha Deo

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It’s not working.

You can’t do it.

It can’t be done.

Stop it, you’re just hurting yourself.

Some days, this is all that you will hear. What do you do on those days? Simple, just #KeepGoing. That’s what HRX brand new promotional video portrays. If you’re determined to get things done and if you have that will power to never give up, one day you’ll achieve what you have been striving to, with your hard work, passion and persistence.

After all, the best TAKES of your life take TIME to happen!

Watch out this inspiring #KeepGoing video by HRX featuring the actor Hrithik Roshan himself. Watch him beat all obstacles, just like the many which he overcame in his own life.

Truly an inspiration! Stay tuned to for more! Keep reading, keep sharing and let smiles shine… 🙂

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